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E15 Fuel Advisory

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 06, 2014

DO NOT USE E15 (Ethanol 15%) Gasoline in your vehicle unless you have a late model vehicle designated for E15 or FFV (flex fuel vehicle) usage.

Click here for a full report from Fox News & AAA Auto Club

Several Manufacturers including: Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Hyundai & Kia all have issued statements warning that use of E15 will VOID your factory warranty coverage. This will damage the engine, emission systems and the Federal Emissions Warranty will be void as well.

E85 only has an Octane Rating of 84, which is too low for most performance and luxury automobiles. Low Octane causes engine detonation which is highly destructive to GASKETS, HOSES & the internal components of Automobile Engines.

If you have already been using E15 and suspect your vehicle has sustained engine damage, call damagemax.com. Damagemax.com will buy any E15 engine damaged vehicle. Damagemax.com will buy any car, anywhere regardless of miles or condition. Damagemax.com specializes in engine damaged vehicle purchases. If you have a vehicle with a bad engine from E15 usage, call damagemax.com for an immediate cash offer.

Visit www.damagemax.com or call (888) 629-2137 to speak with a purchase consultant.

Towing & Storage Yards - "Your Neighborhood Loan Sharks"

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today I watched another would be DamageMAX customer get duped by a storage yard in Boston, MA. He had a 2006 Mazda 6 with low mileage that was in a wreck. Unfortunately he dropped his collision coverage shortly before the wreck and his vehicle would cost far more to fix than he & his wife were willing to spend on an 8 year old vehicle. The good news is, the vehicle was worth quite a bit of money damaged, even though it was not drivable…

When we first started our conversation, Bob was on a mission to get the best price he could for what was left of his car. He thought he had lots of time to shop the internet and hit several companies including ours. Our first question was "where is the vehicle being stored?". The purpose of this question is purely for the benefit of the consumer (Bob) because we know the storage yard will always get their pound of flesh. We are always relieved when the customer tells us that the vehicle is at their home or some other "friendly" location where a daily storage tab is not amassing. Bob told us that the vehicle was stored at a body shop that tows cars and that he knows the owner who assured him "not to worry about storage". This is an IMMEDIATE red flag to DamageMAX because we see hundreds of customers each month with scenarios exactly like this one where the shop turns on the customer and hits them with a bill when they try to remove the vehicle from the property.

So Bob ended his week-long pursuit of getting top dollar for his damaged Mazda 6 with DamageMAX being the highest bidder! He figured he had lots of time to shop for the best deal and accrued 7 days of additional storage charges, unwittingly.

So here's the punchline…the Tow Yard hit Bob with a $700 storage bill and forced him to sell his car to them for far below the price that DamageMAX offered. Bob got less money after all the work he invested and all the haggling because he let his guard down and did not make a quick decision. If your car is wrecked and in a Body Shop / Towing / Impound facility, you are always getting charged. There is "rarely" an exception and if the shop that has possession of your car, they have control of it and it is a paycheck whether or not they get a chance to fix the vehicle. It's pretty sad that shops look to offset a lost repair opportunity by gouging an unsuspecting consumer. Especially, after that consumer has been told not to worry about storage charges. What they should say is what they mean…"I promise not to charge you if you do exactly what pleases me"!

Selling a wrecked car is fast & easy if you call DamageMAX.com.

Call DamageMAX.com first and let us help you navigate the "shark infested" waters of the towing & storage world.

We give advice for free, whether or not we buy your vehicle.

DamageMAX.com is proud to be affiliated with CarBUYERUSA.com we buy any car, from Rollovers to Range Rovers.

Call 888 629-2137 for a free, no obligation quote.

Don't Fix Your Wrecked Vehicle!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

If you were "saving" money by raising your deductible or dropping insurance coverage on your vehicle to liability only, don't try to fix your car on the cheap! You can't cut corners on a collision repair and while many people try, you are spending good money after a bad cause.

Before you fix a wrecked vehicle, consider:

  1. Accident History - a wrecked vehicle usually has a CARFAX that will hurt your vehicles' value substantially. Repairing it is simply restoring a car that will never again be worth what it was before the accident. These are lost dollars that cannot be recovered. Fixing a wrecked car is a zero sum game.
  2. Paint & filler – older vehicles have paint that is extremely difficult to match and it is very visible even to the untrained eye. Paint work on a vehicle denigrates the value substantially.
  3. Cheap parts & materials – OEM recycled parts are a good choice if purchased and installed correctly. Don't use just any parts to restore your vehicle, non-OEM especially can de-value the vehicle post repair.
  4. Save now, pay later – if you saved by cutting your insurance coverage or raising your deductible you will most likely be a candidate for "saving the deductible". This is the fine art of cutting more corners and making cheap repairs to your vehicle so you may not have to write a check for your deductible. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Don't make cheap repairs to your vehicle, you get what you pay for and you will not get your money back on resale, in fact you may cost yourself an opportunity to sell your vehicle and be stuck with it – poor repairs and all! Some vehicles are best left damaged and sold.

DamageMAX pays top dollar for damaged, wrecked and inoperable vehicles. We buy any car, anywhere in the USA.

Please contact (888) 629-2137 or visit www.damagemax.com for a free no obligation price quote. You have nothing to lose but time, money a lot of value.

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