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I Just Wrecked My Car!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What should you do?
Repair it?  Maybe.  Accidents with less than $2000 in damage can be quickly fixed with minimal down time and rental vehicle expense.  IMPORTANT:  vehicles with less than $2000 in damage most likely have superficial(cosmetic) damage rather than structural repairs which affect vehicle integrity and market value.
Moderate to severe collision damage (more than $2000) will take your vehicle off road for several weeks.  Before you make the decision to repair your vehicle look at the following:

  1. Model Year – if it’s older than 2009, it makes good sense to trade out now
  2. Miles – more than 80,000 miles and the red flag should be up – do you really want to put money into a car with limited life left in it?
  3. Market Value – if the damage on your car is greater than 20% of the BOOK VALUE – do not fix the car!

Sell your junk car to DamageMAX for TOP DOLLAR and pocket the repair check.
Take both checks and buy a new car or upgrade to a nicer pre-owned vehicle.  
DamageMAX pays MAXimum dollar for your junk car.
Even damaged, your vehicle has valuable parts and components that can be resold here in the US or abroad.  Today, the carcass of a vehicle can be sold by the pound to nations where steel is scarce and in high demand.
DamageMAX will buy damaged vehicles AS-IS and we pick up for free!  Consumers stuck with a damaged vehicle can get quick cash to put toward a replacement vehicle.  If you can't or won't have your car repaired, simply pocket the insurance claim check and DamageMAX will pay you to walk away from the vehicle.
Call 888-629-2137 or email info@damagemax.com for an instant quote!

Need Holiday Cash? Own a Wrecked Car?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 30, 2012

DamageMAX has got you covered!
Been in a car accident and can't get rid of your car for a decent price?  Help is on the way!

So you've been in an accident and your insurer has denied your claim.  Whether it was a DUI, unauthorized driver or you just forgot to mail in your premium, your insurer is not paying for your accident.  You've taken your car back to the dealer where you bought it and they won't even make an offer because your vehicle has one of the following:

  • Negative CARFAX
  • Salvage or Theft Title
  • Negative Vehicle History
  • Flood Damaged

DamageMAX BUYS JUNK CARS!  "It's what we do!"
Even damaged, your vehicle has valuable parts and components and may even be restored to roadworthy condition - it is worth more than scrap!
Stuck with a problem vehicle?  DamageMAX wants your car!  If you can't afford to have the car repaired, DamageMAX will pay you to walk away from the vehicle.  Take that money to buy a new vehicle.  DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your damaged vehicle.
DamageMAX pays for what the vehicle is worth based either on the value of the parts or its retail value less the repair cost.
Top $$$ paid + free pickup
Call for a no obligation quote
Call 888-629-2137 or email info@damagemax.com for an instant quote!

Don't Sell your Damaged Car to a Scrap Yard!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stop! Been in an accident with no insurance coverage?  Liability Insurance only?  At fault?   Don't give your damaged car to the storage yard or settle for just scrap value!  It may not be worth fixing but the parts may be your Holiday Cash or the Down Payment on a new vehicle!

Even damaged, most wrecked vehicles have valuable parts and components – the vehicle may even be restored to roadworthy condition by an exporter.  We have access to these buyers plus international markets and bring those dollars to you!

DamageMAX purchases damaged vehicles AS IS and can buy your damaged vehicle for cash, quickly.  If you can't afford to have the car repaired, simply pocket the insurance claim check and DamageMAX will pay you to walk away from the vehicle.  Take that money to buy a new vehicle.  DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your damaged vehicle and will pay your storage and impound fees!  Call us before you give the title up to a storage yard in exchange for relief from a few hundred dollars in storage charges.  Most used engines will sell for more than $1000 and a door for $400.

DamageMAX has your back!

The Best Way to Sell Your Damaged Car

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nearly 70,000 drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents on U.S. roads every day--that is almost one accident every second -- 24/7.

Of the 25 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States annually:

  • 5 million consumers are not reimbursed for damage to their vehicle (because they are uninsured, under-insured or at fault)
  • 5 million are unreported for various reasons
Many of these consumers may be better off selling damaged cars AS-IS than opting for repairs. DamageMAX can help with the decision and will even buy the damaged car if it is in the consumer's best interest.  DamageMAX is the first FREE consumer information website (www.DamageMAX.com) dedicated to helping automobile owners make informed decisions about their damaged vehicles.

“DamageMAX leverages the experience of industry insiders to bring cutting edge advice that will get our customers back on the road,” said Michael Lasini, founder of DamageMAX. “Until now there has not been a good option for damaged cars, but with the launch of DamageMAX we can buy any damaged vehicle, anywhere in the United States. Our passion is to help consumers get a fresh start after motor vehicle accidents.”

When your options seem limited after an accident DamageMAX can help you get a fresh start.

For further information, contact  DamageMAX, +1-855-DMG-MAX1 (364-6291)

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    Does the vehicle have a salvage or rebuilt title?

    Does the vehicle motor run?



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