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CarFAX Becoming "Big Brother" with Repair Application

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 09, 2013

CarFAX wants your data- all of it! If it has anything to do with your automobile CarFAX will do anything to get at it. 

Let's fast forward and take a look at what could happen with their new "find a mechanic" application. (Read more about there application here.)

  1. Free My CarFAX app launched
  2. Millions download and start using it to document repairs & archive maintenance records (CarFAX will access this data)
  3. Vehicle history products launched (expanded) to include service records
  4. CarFAX mass markets new product with "scare" campaign aimed at consumers - "Don't buy a car without knowing if it was properly maintained"
  5. CarFAX leverages new product to increase revenue from car dealers
  6. Consumers pay a premium for products to check for "maintenance history"
  7. Dealers recoup CarFAX expense by charging more for products & services
  8. Consumers & dealers get hurt by irregular mileage discrepancies created by repair facilities that do not enter mileage diligently
  9. CarFAX wins again!

Friends, anyone that has ever purchased a used vehicle knows that a properly maintained vehicle is worth more than one that is not. That always reflects in the condition of the vehicle. Most people maintain their vehicles, but how many keep every receipt for the day that they choose to sell or trade their vehicle? The answer is…not many. Is this concept a good one? Perhaps it is, but how much information do you want CarFAX to have? DamageMAX believes the information will be used by CarFAX for leverage against the consumer or car dealers and it will ultimately hurt the consumer two ways:

  1. Vehicle Value – will diminish as more mileage discrepancies are created and maintenance records that are not available.
  2. Consumers will be "forced" or coerced to buy a history report at a premium to feel secure about a vehicle purchase.

In conclusion, DamageMAX recommends that consumers not use the new My CarFAX application. DamageMAX thinks your local car dealer is better solution than Big Brother and they will give you a print out for free!

Tell them DamageMAX sent you!

Experience the DamageMAX Difference.

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit www.damagemax.com for more consumer friendly information.

DamageMAX Takes Non-Total Loss Vehicle Purchase Program Public

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

DamageMAX is partnering with owners of damaged vehicles and insurance carriers to accommodate those who want out of their wrecked vehicle.

Today, almost half of all wrecked vehicles repaired by insurance companies leave owners very dissatisfied. After the trauma of a motor vehicle accident, many drivers simply do not want to get behind the wheel of a wrecked vehicle again. When you factor in the emotional after effects of APTSD (accident post traumatic stress disorder), the claims settlement process is arduous for the driver and the insurer. The driver of the vehicle views the wrecked vehicle as destroyed and the insurer assesses the same vehicle as “repairable”.

Most of these vehicles have sustained several thousand dollars of damage but remain significantly under legal total loss thresholds – even with diminished value considered. The insurer is diametrically opposed to their policyholder and they have no choice but to force the repair – a decision that makes their customers’ very unhappy! This process is “friction filled” and for decades consumers have had no alternative solution - until now. DamageMAX is now that solution!

DamageMAX brings the efficiency of the damaged vehicle marketplace to consumers by offering a national damaged vehicle purchase program. DamageMAX is changing the game by offering consumers a better alternative.

Insurers are now taking a proactive approach by partnering with DamageMAX and referring their policyholders to DamageMAX for purchase quotes before things get tenuous in the claims handling process. Consumers see this as a “goodwill” gesture and view their carrier in a more favorable light.

DamageMAX is now working directly with insurers and car dealers to help consumers sell or trade out of their wrecked vehicles. Consumers can take the check intended for the repair and sell their damaged vehicle “as-is” to DamageMAX and head to the dealership with a pocket full of cash! The process is very simple - take the check for the repair from your insurance company and the check for your wreck from DamageMAX, and buy a new car!

DamageMAX buys wrecked cars, across the United States and our phones are up 24/7/365.

If you wrecked your car and simply just don't feel comfortable driving the car again, please consider selling your wrecked car to DamageMAX.

DamageMAX will buy your wreck “AS-IS"!

DamageMAX pays MAXimum value for your Damaged vehicle

Call us 24/7/365 at 888-629-2137 or email info@damagemax.com for an instant quote.

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