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We Buy Bad Transmission/Engine Cars - Cash for Junk Vehicles

We buy damaged cars, disabled cars, inoperable cars and even offer cash for junk cars. We Buy Any Car, anywhere.  But our roots are buying damaged or inoperable cars and we pay the more than any car buying website.  We Buy Inoperable Cars in every state, regardless of condition.  DamageMax is “Inoperable Vehicle” headquarters. No other Car Buying Company pays more for non-running cars. DamageMax will buy anything from a rollover to a Range Rover – even if it does not run.  Whether it’s a blown motor or bad transmission – we want your non-running car!

If you want for cash for broken vehicles or need to sell your car fast, DamageMax can get you cash quickly. And we will come get it at no expense to you!

DamageMax is the leading inoperable vehicle buyer with the largest network worldwide. DamageMax can buy your damaged car for more because we have low overhead and high volume. Do not sell your car to the shop that has it, they repair cars but don’t specialize in buying them.  Thye will make a lowball offer for your car, then they fix it for almost nothing and sell it for full market value.  The repair shop has a conflict of interest because they would rather repair your car than buy it.  By offering you a very low price for your vehicle they force you to repair it.  DamageMax will never do this – we will make the highest possible offer and buy your car for cash!

We buy broken cars. We buy any car, even if the transmission is bad or the engine is blown.