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Selling - your damaged vehicle "AS-IS"

DamageMAX is the first company to offer consumers an alternative to repairing their damaged vehicle.

You just got the BAD NEWS that your insurance carrier cannot or will not total your vehicle. If you are like most people, you don’t want to wait for your vehicle to be repaired and then wonder if it was fixed right. And you most certainly can’t get top dollar for a damaged vehicle - until today!

DamageMAX offers you maximum value for your damaged vehicle. We buy any damaged vehicle, anywhere in the USA! Don't hand that insurance repair check to a body shop - keep it and DamageMAX will buy your damaged car! Thought that wreck was a loser - with DamageMAX you are the winner!

  • Here is how it works:
    • Contact us via phone, TEXT or email and ask for a quote
    • Send us your collision estimate and/or vehicle information via email to estimates@damagemax.com
    • We’ll send you a guaranteed purchase quote for your damaged vehicle good for 7 days
    • If you accept, we can pick-up your vehicle and stop racking up those storage charges at the shop
    • You now have the freedom to shop for a new vehicle with cash in hand without the pressure of having to make a snap decision
  • What’s in it for you?
    • Money intended for repairs can be used as down payment on a replacement vehicle
    • Sell your damaged car for cash – additional down payment!
    • Walk away from damaged vehicle - leave the anxiety behind!
    • Don't repair it only to be penalized for prior accident when you trade it in - sell it now for cash!
    • Get back on the road faster – no waiting for lengthy vehicle repairs
    • Get you & your family into a safe car
    • Make the bad memory “go away” – nobody wants to be in a vehicle that was in an accident
  • Sell Your Damaged Vehicle

    Your vehicle will never be the same as it was before the accident and the collision event is recorded and reported to numerous consumer protection and motor vehicle agencies. Dealers have access to this history as do consumers, so there is no escaping the financial damage you will suffer when you choose to of sell this vehicle. More mileage and wear & tear will not improve your position.

    Consider the following example:

    On paper, your vehicle should be worth $11,550 after its repaired. But the vehicle has been in an accident and it will never be clean again! It has frame & structural damage, vehicle history reports and lots of paint and repair work. If you elected to repair this vehicle and trade it in, you would suffer a depreciation hit of more than $2,500 for the accident.

    Your Damaged Vehicle Status Quo
    Sell your car to DamageMAX $0 $3,000
    Don't fix - pocket the repair check  $0 $5,600
    Trade-in value $8,950 $0
    less: Depreciation for accident (2,500) $0

    You Bottom Line $6,450 $8,600

    DamageMAX puts $2,150 in your pocket!


    In the above example, it's clear that selling your damaged car to DamageMAX and pocketing the repair check is the way to go! A much better scenario than fixing the vehicle and immediately trading it in!

    Fixing and trading does not work for your because the dealer can retail this vehicle. It represents too much liability and very few customers would consider purchasing a vehicle from a dealer with severe structural repairs. Nobody else may be interested, but your vehicle is a winner at DamageMAX!