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Sell Your Wrecked Car, Don't Fix It!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Here's more proof why selling your damaged vehicle is a much better deal than fixing it and trading it in later. Once you have an accident, you have lost control of a lot more than your vehicle. You have NO SAY in what happens to you next if you don't act quickly.

1. At the accident scene, the police call the tow company of "their" choice–you can't use AAA or your MFR's Roadside Assistance because it's not an option. To make matters worse, you have no idea where your vehicle will be towed and the police are "close–lipped" and just hand you a slip of paper to call to find out where your car may be??? Check this out… the towing company in most cases will be getting a "bribe" which they label a referral for bringing your vehicle to their repair facility. You have NO SAY in this because you have no control of this process.

Now lets talk about what happens next. If you elect to fix your car, the Towing Company that dropped your car off at the body shop will get a HUGE kickback after the repairs are performed–10% of the repair amount! That's right, if the repairs are $8500 the Towing Company will get a check for $850. Guess who paid for that? YOU, YOUR insurance company and YOU again because your rates are going way up for all these expenses! Fixing your wrecked vehicle is not the best option, sell the car fast and cut your losses.

If you decide to sell your damaged vehicle, act fast because the shop that is holding your car hostage will be charging you outlandish fees. They will look like this:

Administration Fee
Daily Storage Fee ($25-75/day)
Personal Property Fee
Environmental Fee

We even had a shop charge extra to release the vehicle to anyone else but the owner of the vehicle. Wait…isn't it your car? You had an accident, the vehicle wasn't impounded for something illegal, why all these fees? Why don't you have any say who tows your vehicle?

Take control of your accident and make a quick decision. Call DamageMAX.com and let the damaged vehicle experts deal with the tow yards. DamageMAX.com will buy your damaged vehicle for top dollar, pay the charges and tow it away at no additional cost.

Call DamageMAX.com for an immediate cash offer and take charge of the situation and your vehicle. Call (888) 629-2137 to speak to a live Damaged Vehicle Consultant.

Never Pay Your Deductible

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 30, 2013

If you just had a car accident you need to act quickly and decisively. Time is your enemy and chances are your vehicle was towed to a storage facility, racking up all sorts of ungodly fees. You are unsure whether you should fix the vehicle and its not up to you anyway, the insurance company decides your fate - if you have collision coverage. Either way, you know you are going to write a check for that $1000 deductible you opted for to save a few extra bucks on your monthly insurance bill. DamageMAX says…Never Pay Your Deductible again! Don't look for a collision repair shop that will "hide" or "bury" the deductible somewhere because you will just get substandard repairs, parts or both. Never Pay Your Deductible by selling your damaged car or damaged truck to DamageMAX. We are the Damaged Vehicle Experts and we know how to Value Your Wrecked Vehicle. DamageMAX will give you cash for your damaged vehicle and get you out of paying $1000 to get your car repaired and back on the road. Keep that $1000 deductible check plus the insurance repair check and the DamageMAX check for your wreck and go get yourself a new vehicle.

Never Pay Your Deductible – sell your wrecked car for cash now!

Call (888) 629-2137 or visit www.damagemax.com for an immediate cash offer.

Sell your Accident Car Fast

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 09, 2013

If you just had a motor vehicle accident, time is NOT on your side. Chances are your vehicle has been towed by the police from the scene which is 2-3 times more expensive that what you could have done it for by yourself. The storage facility will charge you an ADMINISTRATIVE fee (blue sky) for processing your accident car and DAILY STORAGE while your car is held hostage. If you don't act fast, what's left of your damaged vehicle will go right to the storage yard's bottom line instead of your wallet. DamageMAX operates in all US states and can pick up your accident car immediately at NO CHARGE. We will even move the vehicle to a free storage environment until you decide to sell your accident car or repair it.

Selling an accident car is not easy, unless you call DamageMAX. Our team of damaged vehicle professionals are standing by to help you make a quick, educated decision.

Sell your accident car to DamageMAX and walk away with your sanity and some extra cash for a new car.

Call the accident car experts DamageMAX at 888 629-2137

Sell your Accident Car